in my white tee

Babies stare. A lot.

They’re always looking at something, absorbing their surroundings, eyes wide open.

Most, if not all, of us don’t remember anything from our days as a baby though. My earliest memory is from 1986–I remember my dad setting his VCR and inputting the date–when I was four. The first four years of my life is blank to me.

So what happened to all those sights and sounds I absorbed as a baby?

What happens to all those funny faces I made to a baby sitting at the table next door at lunch today? What happens to the smell of milk tea, the Stephen Chow movie on TV, and the crazy fast-talking waitress who filled the baby’s surroundings today?

Make no mistake–babies pay attention, they’re taking everything in. But where does it go if they don’t remember any of it later? Do these outside surroundings shape the baby’s subconscious? Does it have any effect on the behavior of the baby when he/she grows up?

I couldn’t help but stare back at the baby today as he was staring at me. I eat alone a lot nowadays–I estimate 70% of my meals are consumed without the company of another–so I’ve become one of those old timers who read or people-watch during meals. I patronize babies who stare at me by making faces and exaggerating my eating motions. I go “awww” if I see an elderly couple walk in hand-in-hand. I think “what a douchebag” if I see a dude with a popped collar on their polo shirt.

Really, it’s not 2006 anymore, popped collar don’t fly. Can someone please pass this message to the 7,000 guys in Hong Kong?

Anyway, my fourth piece for SLAM Online is up

It’s a writeup on David Stern’s press conference. It’s a lot looser than my other pieces, I was trying to convey David Stern’s power. Cause damn, dude is bad ass. This is the same man who damn near ended hip hop culture in the NBA by enforcing the dress code, took on communism and won (the Yi JiLian saga), and rigged the NBA lottery so NYC would finally get a big star in 85. The man would make a damn good politician.

So you can’t blame jazz musicians
Or David Stern with his NBA fashion issues
Oh they like me–in my white tee
You can’t ice me, we here for life B
On my second marriage, hip hop’s my first wifey
And for that we not takin’ it lightly


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