You know back in the 70s and 80s, we’d watch films set in the future, far, far away (like, 2001) and the world depicted features flying cars, portable video-call devices, and video games that requires no controller?

Well, the flying cars aren’t here yet (hence we still do need roads), but the other two are here. The video thing, I witness two friends talk on Facetime over iPhone 4 last night (I’ve had the iPhone4 for a while but haven’t tried Facetime yet). It felt surreal seeing them talk to each other over a portable gadget as sleek and slim as the iPhone.

Then, there are the video games.

For the past three days, I’ve been playing video games inside the offices of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. It’s for a work feature–my colleague and I were testing out the new batch of video games hardware/software, ones that turn the video game experience from pressing buttons to jumping around.

We sang Lady GaGa, we did yoga, we danced, we boxed, we ran a mini marathon. I was skeptical about the accuracy of the motion sensors going in, but my doubts were erased 20 seconds in when I tried to half ass a yoga stance and was told by the TV screen that my center of gravity was not low enough.

Here’s a NY Times piece talking about a similar subject.



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