yo adrian

Well, I can’t believe I got to rank the Rocky movies in a proper publication. I mean, this is what I argued with my three friends, M “movie/music snob who bullies people with inferior taste” L, M “REAL LAKER FAN” L, and HOLLYWOOD ACTOR VIC VENGEANCE until the weee hours of the night at JJ’s Cafe.

The piece talks about other stuff, such as how much Katherine Heigl’s movies suck and how The Dark Knight shoulda gotten an Oscar nod, but whatevers, the most important message is this:




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  1. mbatmanl

    hey man, stop calling me a bully lol.
    there’s a difference between picking on people and calling them out when they’re wrong. i have a commitment to the truth, and when someone’s wrong, i call them out. that simple.

    bullies pick on the quiet ones who are weak and defenseless.

    i merely “call out” the ones who have the aggressive audacity to announce their opinions to the world. When someone posts something or says something, and i talk back, it’s called a discussion. Anyone who takes the time to randomly “give their two cents/give their opinion” is asking to be engaged. i don’t pick on random people who keep to themselves. If you don’t have knowledge about something, being quiet is the best option. I don’t say anything about football because i don’t know anything about football. i don’t say anything about hockey, because i don’t know anything about hockey. But when i do say something about a topic, it means that i’m representing that i know something about it.

    it’s the same thing with the kobe thing for you. you feel like you need to show people the “error” of their ways when they overdefend kobe. It’s not because you’re bullying them, but when they open their mouth on an open forum about a topic and they’re blatantly wrong, they need to be corrected, and the truth needs to be told.

    When someone steps onto the court with some serious players, you better expect that it’s a tough game. MJ or Bird or Magic never said “take it easy on the guy, he’s not as skilled”. NAW. it’s up to the person to decide if he wants to get in the game – and if he is bold enough to step on the court, he’s accepting the fact that there will be someone to play against him.

    you and me both- we know, people just shouldn’t say anything if they don’t know about the topic.

    if anything, i learned it from you. the min i say my opinion about bird vs jordan, it’s like a 30 min discussion from you and marvin. But i say it, knowing i have to defend it.

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