in limbo

This image is stolen off, specifically from an opinion piece by Mary HK Choi.

She talks about growing up in Hong Kong as an expat kid (meaning rich English speaker), and how that experience shaped her and prepped her for life in NYC. She makes many points that I can relate to, such as:

1: Feeling out of place in Hong Kong; always having this feeling that people come and go–rightfully so, because Hong Kong is a transient international city.

2: Kids/teens here have “grow up” so much faster than say typical kids in American suburbs.

The first point, I completely feel right now. The second point, I half-assedly blogged about last summer when I was hanging with these USC grad school kids who were interning in HK.

Anyway, I originally was gonna rant on the first point…but I’m at a lost for words right now.


The reader comments, from mostly people with similar America/HK backgrounds, resonates so much… identity crisis, not knowing where we belong, love/hate relationship with a super efficient, yet soulless city…

Also, there’s a bit of negative reaction to the fact that the writer is a “rich kid”. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, English speakers in HK are generally rich (I am almost certainly the poorest one), and the writer definitely fits into that small “elite circle”. Some readers have pointed out that makes her a minority and most readers cannot relate to her lifestyle.


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