in pursuit

About four months ago, my old flatmate (no, not the chick who moved to London, my previous roommate: this mellow mild-mannered ABC) told me he was thinking of quitting his cushy managerial job to try his hand at starting a business. He didn’t even have set idea of what he wanted to do yet–he just wanted to try because all his life, he’s wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Obviously, giving up a good income to try a startup woulda been intimidating five years ago–much less in today’s economy.

But still, after much support from his lovely girlfriend, friends, and awesome former flatmate, he decided to do it.

This is the website: I ain’t gonna explain what his business is–it’s too complicated, check the damn website to find out yourself.

It’s still in its beta stage, but it’s looking good.

So yeah, in the last six months, one of my flatmate dropped everything and moved halfway across the world to a gloomy-ass foreign land. Another gave up a great income and an even greater title to chase his dreams of not just being a businessman, but a business, man.

People getting off their ass and doing shit. That’s what twentysomethings should be doing.

I see the website and I’m motivated again.


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