screams from the haters got a nice ring to it, guess every superhero needs his theme music

Two RAD things to share today for comic geeks.

The first, is this website Laws and the Multiverse, it’s a blog written by two comic nerds (they met online; have never met in person) that attempts to figure out the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book superheroes. Who’s responsible for the damages cost by battles in the city? If Batman captures a bad guy, are the evidence collected admissible in court?

The blog was featured in the NY Times today, read it for a good back story on how the blog started.

The second cool thing is this blog entry from China Hearsay. The blogger calls out this Wall Street Journal writer (a former coworker of mine at BEATS) for irresponsibly grouping Batman into a story about Hong Kong lottery winners. The blogger argues that it’s ugly journalism and unfairly taints the reputation of Bruce Wayne, one of the richest people in the world.

Of course, it’s satire, all in good fun. Although judging by how HK cats react to sarcasm and irony, the piece was probably misunderstood by many.

Both of these blogs do one thing: shine light on the fact that comic books can be sophisticated literature.


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