Last night, Lebron James returned to Cleveland, and despite his trying to make nice pre-game–he said he’d be open to playing for Cleveland again one day–Clevelanders still booed him, mercilessly, every time he touched the ball. Every single time.

It’s been over a year and half since Lebron ripped the heart out of Cleveland, on national television, and fled town. Cleverland has since gone through the lowest of lows–setting an NBA record for longest losing streak–and a couple of good moments, most notably winning the NBA draft lottery and netting Kyrie Irving. But still, Cleverlanders feel the pain.

“They may never let this go,” an ESPN announcer said during the thunderous chorus of boos directed at Lebron.

As I sat and watched at home, I felt a tremendous sense of fear.

What if…it’s always going to hurt?


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  1. Stone cold

    Still hurts. Only shows you have had passion for something. But when something better comes along and reignites your passion, it won’t matter any more.

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