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lone wolf n cub



One response to “About Me

  1. Andreas Chan

    Greetings fellow baller,

    I just arrived in HK for sabbatical leave. Love the game of hoops and came across your nifty blog.

    Hoops been my life’s therapy, hence just asking your recommendations on where I can locate some “quality” ball courts in HK to get some solid runs. My game’s no dope like Jesus Shuttlesworth, while i aín’t no rook either. I’ve balled for school/clubs. Save against pros, I believe i can hold my own.

    Been a Spurs fan since Admiral DRob, Timmy’s a natural extension. I’m still hoping for a Suns Celtics finals. Nash deserves a legit shot at C’ship. But alas, mamba’s a tough sun block.

    Just a baller, asking another for help. Thanks.

    Btw, it did take me some minutes, but your blog heading finally hit me. “Back to the Future”! (i didn’t do no cheat by googling”). Cool flick, among my fav movie series. “Johnny be Goode” rocks dude… haha

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