“there’s no crying in baseball”


thought I’d start the entry with the clip first. If you actually clicked on it and watched it through, stop and grab some tissues before continue reading.

That wordless clip from Up is masterful filmmaking. To be able to evoke such emotion in such a short time and with no dialogue to boot is a testament to the filmmaker’s brilliance. I’d say doing it wordless is second toughest behind doing it music-less, like No Country For Old Men (that entire film had no backing track, yet you were sucked into the compelling, suspenseful world anyway).

With that said, this scene is one of six scenes in the modern era of film (so that excludes Old Yeller and Brian’s Song) in which grownassmen are allowed to shed a tear without facing the repercussions.

Here are the other five

1: When Hooch dies in Turner and Hooch

2: “Why don’t you love me, Jenny?”-Forrest Gump

3: That scene in Remember the Titans when a crippled Gerry Bertier tells the nurse that his black teammate is his brother.

4: Chuck Noland loses Wilson at sea.

5: Randy the Ram, already suffering from heart attack, climbs the top turnbuckle to see Cassidy gone, he leaps off for the splash, landing in the ring where he belongs.


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